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Welcome new students!

Whether this is your first time leaving home for college or you are transferring to Olivet College, we’re thrilled to have you join our “family.” Olivet College is your home away from home, and we want you to feel comfortable and welcome at all times.

Setting up your living space, meeting roommates and other students, starting class and getting into the rhythm of studying can be stressful. But, it can – and will – also be FUN! OC faculty, staff and volunteers are here for you every step of the way, starting now. If you’re ever unsure of where to go or what to do, just ask and someone will help — because that’s what family does.

To assist you in preparing for this new chapter in your life, we’ve prepared some schedules and checklists to help keep track of everything you’ll need to think about in the coming weeks.

Before Arriving
Helpful Links
Maps and Directions
Schedules & Dates
Student Housing
What to Bring

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