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Talent & Participatory Scholarships

Olivet College is pleased to provide financial support in the form of Talent & Participatory Scholarships to students who will enrich the campus community through their active involvement in and contributions to specific talent-based participation opportunities on campus.

The actual amount of a Talent & Participatory Scholarship can vary depending on the experience and achievement of the student, as well as the activity. A Talent & Participatory Scholarship is stacked on top of merit and need-based aid. Olivet College has increased its merit aid to award a student’s high school academic success. In addition, all students are considered for need-based aid. Please note that these scholarships are only available to new incoming students.

Scholarships are available for the following activities and non-NCAA DIII collegiate sports:

While you may apply for multiple Talent & Participatory scholarships, you will be awarded no more than one.

Students may be eligible for other scholarships or financial aid. The school strives to help students obtain other funding to make it more affordable for promising candidates to attend Olivet College.

To be considered for a Talent or Participatory Scholarship, students must agree to the expectations and limitations of the specific talent-based opportunity.