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Olivet College FAQs


Olivet College offers 31 majors and 26 minors ranging from Accounting to Sports Psychology, Media Production and Communication, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design – and much more! Look here for our full list of majors, and find your perfect fit.


Check here for the base cost of Undergraduate tuition at Olivet College. Since every Olivet College student qualifies for some form of financial aid, please call your admissions representative to estimate the cost of your Olivet College education.


Check here for help on applying for undergraduate financial aid, grants and scholarships.


Check out Olivet’s Student Resource Center.


Olivet College offers multiple visit events throughout the year, such as Academic Preview Days, in addition to personalized campus visits. Check out our list of campus visit events you can RSVP for, and if a date doesn’t work for you, a personalized campus visit can be scheduled.

Is Olivet College test-optional?

Yes. Students are NOT required to submit an ACT or SAT score when applying to Olivet College. If a student has taken either test, we do encourage them to submit their scores.

Is Olivet College offering in-person classes?

Yes. We currently have face-to-face, hybrid and online classes. The professor chooses the style of the class they are teaching. If a student doesn’t feel comfortable being in-person, they have the right to take a face-to-face class virtually.


Olivet College offers students incredible opportunities to get more than an education! The Olivet College ADVANTAGE offers four core advantages: Service learning projects, with hands-on experiences at the core of each program; Global learning opportunities that provide diverse and innovative educational experiences abroad; Industry-leading internship and research opportunities; and, graduation in four years or the fifth year is tuition free.

As a first-year student, do I have to live on campus?

Yes. Olivet College is proud to be a residential college with most of its students living on campus. First-year students have the choice of living in one of our three residential halls: Dole Hall, Blair Hall or Shipherd Hall. Each hall has its own unique characteristics and foster community building and engagement. After the first year, students have a choice to apply for one of our three apartment-style living options.

Students who live in Olivet, Charlotte, Bellevue or Marshall may commute.

How are dorms/roommates assigned? Do I get a say?

Housing and roommate assignments are determined based on information submitted on the Housing Form. Students can fill out and submit their Housing form once they have paid their enrollment deposit via their application status page.

Students do have the option to rank their preferred housing and list a specific roommate. Some students do not have a preference, so they leave these fields blank and the Housing Office will assign a room and roommate. If you’re an athlete and would like to live with a teammate, coaches will help you coordinate this with the Housing Office.

Does making my commitment to attend OC early affect my housing placement?

Yes. Dorms are first come, first serve. Once you commit and pay your nonrefundable enrollment deposit, you will receive a Housing Form via your application status page. This is where you rank the dorms based on your personal preferences. It’s possible that your first choice of housing will be unavailable if you make your commitment later in the year.

Are there any new updates to campus?

Yes. We are excited to celebrate these recent and upcoming additions to campus:

Is there a doctor’s office on campus or near campus that students can go to?

Yes. There are a doctor’s office and a pharmacy located in downtown Olivet – two blocks from main campus. They see students only by appointment and students must have their insurance information with them. Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall and Sparrow Eaton Hospital in Charlotte are also local options for medical care.


With two out of three students playing a sport – and the rest cheering them on – athletics is a big part of campus life. Olivet College is a NCAA Division III school with men’s and women’s athletic teams. Our athletes love what they do, and they work hard. We’re always looking for new talent. Are YOU ready to be a Comet? 

What is there to do outside of class?

There are plenty of activities to do outside of the classroom.

  1. Presently, we have 33 active clubs on campus that are all student-led.
  2. Every Monday, an email is sent out to students that shares the activities for the week.
  3. Varsity and intramural sports.
  4. Greek or honor societies.
  5. Performance and participatory experiences such as Art Alliance, bowling, competitive cheer (STUNT and dance), Difference Maker (community service), Global Citizen Honors Program, music (marching band, jazz band, concert band, choir and gospel choir), Outdoor Recreation and Competitive Clay Target Program and the Women’s Leadership Institute.
Do students have to have a meal plan after the first year?

Yes. If you live in the residential halls, students are required to have the Carte Blanche meal plan, which includes 19 meals a week and $125 in Comet Cash each semester to be used at our on-campus Starbucks. For students living in on-campus apartments, they are eligible for either the Carte Blanche meal plan or the commuting meal plan option, which includes nine meals a week and $200 Comet Cash to Starbucks each semester.

Are first-year students allowed to bring cars on campus? How much are parking passes?

Yes. First-year students may have a car on campus for free. The free parking pass is distributed to students during the first two weeks of school. Don’t wait — there is a charge for parking passes after the first two weeks of classes.

Is printing free everywhere on campus?

Yes. Printing is free everywhere on campus. Students can access public computers and use the printers throughout campus, including in the residential halls, Mott Academic Building and Burrage Library.

Can we remove furniture from the rooms?

You must leave all furniture in dorm rooms unless you bring your own loft bed in. If you build your own loft, we can take out the frame of the bed not being used. Also, if you prefer your own standard-sized desk chair, it’s fine to bring a new one in as well.