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Jamilia earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Michigan State University in 2015. While she was a student, she worked for MSU’s Residence Education and Housing Services program, providing assistance and information to resident students. She also worked as a member of a mathematics research team, analyzing and recording data on differential equations to model interactions between cancerous cell populations and other cell populations within the body for presentations at conferences.

Jamilia discovered her passion for helping high school students while serving as the freshmen volleyball coach at Lansing Everett High School, one of her favorite things to do in her spare time. She also excels in customer service and maintaining individualized relationships. A combination of these attributes led her to realize that a job in admissions would satisfy all her ambitions.

Jamilia’s background in mathematics taught her to view equations in a linear process, meaning one thing must happen before another is possible. The process of admissions can be viewed in the same way. “When dealing with admissions, it’s important not to rush the process,” said Jamilia. “It takes time for students to feel comfortable with making a college decision and I think my understanding of that will help me succeed as an academic enrollment specialist for Olivet.”

As a first generation college student, there were some challenges that Jamilia faced during her time in college. “Higher ed is for everyone,” Jamilia explained. “I’m passionate about helping high school students who don’t have the tools to succeed and providing that expertise to them. Everyone deserves the same opportunities.”

Jamilia works with students from the “thumb” area of Michigan and enjoys serving such a diverse area. Her friendly, pleasant personality and her personal college experience will assist her in building relationships with prospective Olivet College students and guiding them through the admission process.