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Arts & Humanities

Arts and Humanities refers to a broad range of subjects that include — but are not limited to — English, literature, media production and communication, music, philosophy, writing, visual arts, graphic design, ethics, world languages and religion. Students who select a major in the arts and humanities study the achievements of the human spirit and mind. They work within a variety of disciplines in order to acquire a deeper understanding of themselves, civilization and the world.

Students will achieve critical thought and purposeful writing and gain understanding of the intangible and the spiritual with an intentional focus on individual and social responsibility and on character as well as competence.

Knowledge of other cultures is increasingly important in our interconnected, complex world, no matter whether one’s career focus is on business, education, service or the social sector. 

Sample Course Offering
  • Broadcast Writing and Announcing
  • Ceramics
  • Editing
  • Mass Communication
  • Music Theory
  • Piano
  • Sculpture
  • Web Design
Ways to Get Involved: Professional Organizations and Clubs
  • Art Alliance
  • Omicrom Delta Kappa (national leadership honor society)
  • Sigma Tau Delta (honor society for English majors)
Career Opportunities
  • Advertising, promotions and marketing manager – $132,620
  • Art director – $92,780
  • Broadcast news correspondent – $43,490
  • Communications coordinator – $44,240
  • College music professor – $81,580
  • Copywriter – $47,838
  • Editor – $59,480
  • Graphic designer – $50,370
  • Orchestral musician – $43,557
  • Public relations specialist – $60,000
  • Technical writer – $71,850
  • Journalist – $36,665

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, bls.gov and Indeed.com. Some occupations may require advanced degrees.

Learn more about Arts and Humanities. Contact our admissions team at 800-456-7189 or admissions@olivetcollege.edu.

As an art student, I get the privilege to go on field trips to art museums for each semester of art seminar. I enjoy admiring art in person and being able to utilize my knowledge from Image and Culture to analyze what I’m looking at in new ways. I deeply cherish these enriching experiences because they deepen my love for art, teach me and inspire new projects. I would encourage a student to attend Olivet College because they embrace differences and celebrate the community. They offer financial support, small class sizes and have knowledgeable professors and friendly staff that lend a helping hand.

Christine Craft '21

Double Major in Graphic Design and Visual Arts, Biological Illustration Concentration