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Global Citizen Honors Program

The Global Citizen Honors Program (GCHP) at Olivet College is designed for the student who wishes to continue demonstrating creativity and leadership within the framework of Individual and Social Responsibility.

Invited members of GCHP are provided opportunities to investigate global, interdisciplinary issues by inquiring into the theories and philosophical underpinnings of complex social issues.

The program is experiential, requiring members to be involved not only with the problems they are investigating but with each other and the world around them. 

In addition to competing for a full-tuition scholarship, GCHP members are offered a distinct academic experience, including honors seminar, honors option courses, honors sections of Liberal Arts Core courses and the Oxford Experience. There are also a host of co-curricular events and opportunities that, taken as a whole, provide a comprehensive academic experience for our members.

Members who complete the GCHP requirements will receive official recognition, including language and/or insignia on their diploma, transcript and commencement program designating them as a graduate of the GCHP.

For more information about becoming a member of GCHP and the academic requirements for participation, please contact Kirk Hendershott-Kraetzer, Ph.D., GCHP director and professor of english, at 269-749-7621.


Members of the Global Citizen Honors Program (GCHP) have a number of benefits available to them once they begin the program.

Priority registration. All GCHP students can register for classes as soon as registration opens, helping to ensure access to high-demand courses.

GCHP-only courses. GCHP offers two types of courses that are open only to program members:

  • Honors sections designed specifically with GCHP students in mind and Honors seminars, three-credit hour interdisciplinary courses.
  • Enhanced regularly-offered courses. Completing an Honors option in a regularly-scheduled course gives students the opportunity to work one-on-one with college faculty on projects that extend and enhance courses they would take as part of their liberal arts core or major-minor requirements.

The Honors thesis. In their senior year, GCHP students apply for and complete a 3-6 credit hour Honors thesis under the supervision of a professor of the student’s choosing.

The Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP). GCHP offers students the chance to spend part of their summer studying at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Program events throughout the year. GCHP hosts a variety of events for its students, including a fall welcome picnic and field trips to local destinations and to larger cultural centers.

Two membership levels. GCHP Scholars are individuals who are committed to completing the 24 honors credits, including the Honors thesis, and intend to graduate from the Honors Program. However, the Honors Program faculty recognize that our students’ lives are complex, so we offer students the ability to “step back” to the GCHP Associate level of participation as early as the first semester of study.

Members are in charge of their own learning. GCHP is designed to place students in the driver’s seat — they decide whether they are ready to commit to remaining GCHP Scholars or whether they would prefer a less rigorous but still engaged experience at the Associate level. Students decide whether to pursue and complete Honors options and whether to take Honors sections or Honors seminars.

Honors upon graduation. GCHP Scholars who have completed all program requirements may elect to wear a special stole at Commencement indicating their status as a graduate of the Global Citizen Honors Program. Students who complete the Honors Program also receive special insignia on their diploma indicating that they are a graduate of the Honors Program.


Each year, students can compete for various scholarship awards – including one full tuition scholarship – through an essay contest and group activity. For more information about the GCHP Scholarship Program, please contact your admissions representative at 800-456-7189.