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The Woodwind section is made up of Flutes, Clarinets and Saxophones. Together the woodwinds add a sophistication to the overall sound of the Marching Comets.

Samantha Lewis

Wayland Union High School

Music Major



Being part of the Marching Comets makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself. I feel like I am part of a great team on campus, making wonderful friends along the way. It is a life-changing experience to be part of a great college ensemble.

Audrye Lehmann

Charlotte High School

Biology with a concentration in pre-vet



Being a member of the Marching Comets I have gotten to make more friends and have another “family”. What drew me to Olivet college was that it was very close to my home so that I could commute. The classroom sizes are small and that fits me better as a student.

Leah Miller

Lakeview High School

Writing Major



As a Marching Comet, I am more involved on campus by default, as the band has recently been focusing on becoming a crucial part of Olivet. I also was able to make many new friends before I even started my classes. This was very important for me, because I tend to have trouble making myself social. Since I already had some people that I could consider my friends, it was easier for me to branch out and meet other people through them.

Hillarie Gibbs

Charlotte High School

Biology Major



As a Marching Comet, I am more involved with student life and it helps me meet other students around the campus. This season, I am excited about improving myself as a musician and meeting new people.

Paige Harcourt

Napoleon High School

Criminal Justice Major



My participation with the marching band enhances my student life and experience because everyone here is a family. In class, everyone can relate to what is happening and encourages you, and outside of class, you always have people to talk to, hang out with, and wave to across campus when you see them.

Emily Nelson

Olivet High School

Music Major



Being a part of the Marching Comets has let me be a part of a group on campus. It has allowed me to make new friends and be a part of a bigger thing. One of my favorite Marching Comet memories would have to be when we went to Paris, France. To go to a new place and experience the culture in first person view was outstanding. Being able to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night and look over Paris was amazing. Also marching in the New Year’s Day parade was a great experience. How the people reacted to the music and the cadence we did was so entertaining to watch and experience first-hand. This was a once in a life-time experience.

Makennah Rousseau

Belding High School

Undecided Major



Right from when I walked in to the band room on the first day of band camp, I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone was nice and I never once felt like I didn’t belong. It made the entire transition from high school to college so much easier! I knew that, no matter where I was, I had a group of people who loved me and cared about me.

Katie Murphy

Paul K. Cousino High School

Music Major

Alto Saxaphone


This is my first year as a Marching Comet. What drew me to Olivet College is the atmosphere. I like how it’s so small and it feels like home, and that is something I look for in a college and I just love being here. Being part of the bank has allowed me to make a lot of friends before classes started and it was an easy way for me to connect with people, and we all have each others backs which is something I appreciate.

Jaideep Narayanan

Kodiakanal International School, India

Graphic Design Major

Alto Saxophone


Getting to know various people in band and having the opportunity to grow with them through practices and performances will help improve my college experience and student life. I enjoy Olivet’s music program, lifestyle, people and diverse culture.

Amy McGlothen

Harper Creek High School

Psychology Major

Tenor Saxophone


Being a Marching Comet enhances my student life and college experience by giving me an outlet and change of pace, while still learning life skills and having fund. I also love the small class sizes at Olivet, and being part of a growing band program is amazing.

Bailey Parker

Olivet High School

Graphic Design Major



Being part of the Marching Comets gives me the opportunity to get involved more with things on campus. My favorite memory is being part of the come-back year of the Marching Comets. I love how each year I’m marching with a growing number of students.

Noah Vander Galien

Grand Ledge High School

Actuarial Science Major

Tenor Saxophone


I have met a lot of lasting friends through my membership in the marching band. I am also learning a lot about my peers and myself through the leadership positions that I hold within the band.

Caleb Robinson

Bellevue Jr./Sr. High School

History Major

Baritone Saxophone


People recognize the band and are supportive and think it is awesome I am in the Marching Comets, and it has really enhanced my college experience because I can participate in something I may not had the chance to do at a bigger university.

Natalya Tamez

Potterville High School

Baritone Saxophone

Biology Pre-Medical Major


As soon as I entered the campus, I immediately gained a family and a bunch of amazing friends as part of the Marching Comets. I am extremely excited about our music selection for this season. They are a bunch of songs I really enjoy listening to outside of band.


Tori John

Cadillac High School

Exercise Science Major

Baritone Saxophone


As a Marching Comet, being able to come in as a freshman and knowing a bigger group of people really helps to get through the awkward first days. I am excited to make the show better with every performance and continue rebuilding the band.