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Arts and Humanities refers to a broad range of subjects that include—but are not limited to—English, literature, journalism and mass communication, music, philosophy, writing, visual arts, graphic design, ethics, world languages and religion. Students who select a major in the arts and humanities, therefore, study the achievements of the human spirit and mind. They work within a variety of disciplines in order to acquire a deeper understanding of themselves, civilization and the world.

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Now in its 47th edition, the “Garfield Lake Review” serves as an outlet for students of all majors, alumni, faculty and staff to share poems, fiction and non-fiction short stories, photographs and other artwork.


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If you don’t know Xavier Vance from her work as a resident adviser, you might have read one of her blogs on OC Stories, sat next to her in class, watched her play lacrosse, met her during Orientation or even bumped into her at a Global Citizen Honors Program or President’s Leadership Institute event.


Faculty Spotlight

“My goal was to make these students feel welcome and part of the Olivet College family,” said Jeremy Duby, Olivet College director of bands. “It is a great time to be at Olivet because of the rapidly developing vision for the program. We have a strong music history and are excited to rebuild the program, making it a center point of campus life again.”


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