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The Drumline is comprised of Snare, Tenor and Bass Drums. They are the heartbeat of the band, keeping rhythmic stability and pulse of the Marching Comets.

CJ Ballard

Potterville High School

Business Administration Major, Marketing Concentration

Snare Drum


As a Marching Comet, I am motivated to do better in classes and it also helps build friendships both in and out of the band. The small community at Olivet is awesome, and the staff, faculty and other students are friendly and kind.

Jenna Braschler

Saugatuck High School

Insurance Major



Being a Marching Comet allows me to get to know some of my classmates more and have a fun time making music.

Jonathan Johnson

Armada High School

Business Administration with a Concentration in Management Major



Being in the Marching Comets enhances my student life because it allows me to get help when I need it and it enhances my college experience because it allows me to meet people I may never have met my entire time at college. I am really excited about our show this year – it’s a good one and a challenge, which is good; it will make me a better musician as I learn more and more.

Kalie Rolfe

Charlotte High School

Biology Major

Bass Drum


I was drawn to Olivet College because of the atmosphere on campus and the small class sizes. As a Marching Comet, I have been able to meet new people and create new bonds, as well as have something to do besides study. I’m looking forward to improving and making new friends.

Tyler Thenikl

Rockford High School

Graphic Design and Visual Arts major

Tenor Drums


My participation with the Marching Comets really helped me make friends as a freshman. When I first came to Olivet, I only knew one person on campus, but band changed that quickly. Some of my best friends were made directly or indirectly through the Comet Marching Band.

Trevor VanDyke

Utica High School

Criminal Justice Major

Bass Drum


My participation with the Marching Comets enhances my student life because it introduces me to all kinds of people across campus. I’m excited to see the whole band grow as musicians this season.