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The Brass section is comprised of Trumpets, Mellophones, Trombones, Baritones and Tubas. They are a powerhouse on the field, adding the rich vibrant sound to the Marching Comets.

Nicholas Bellar

Potterville High School

Psychology Major



As a Marching Comet, I am give ease of mind and a distraction for a time from my troubles. I am excited for our show this season.

Cheyanne Dooley

Paw Paw High School

Biology Major



I was drawn to Olivet College because while it’s away from home, it’s still close to home so I can still go home when I want. My participation with the Marching Comets enhances my student life and college experience because everyone knows who is in the band. It’s a really awesome experience that I’m having and it’s making my college experience better.

Emily Dorn

Grayling High School

Mathematics and History Major



The most important thing that’s a result of me being a member of the Marching Comets is that I get to be a part of the band family. When we first arrive for the school year, we have a week of band camp where everyone goes through the pain of repetition, heat, rain, exhaustion, etc. These struggles that we deal with bond us together and as a result, most of my good friends are in band.

Isabel Dunn

Marshall High School

Biology Major



As a Marching Comet, I know a lot more people now than when I would have had I not been part of the band. I’ve made quite of a few friends being a part of the band. I am excited about all the upcoming events the band will be performing at, and am excited about being able to play by memory.

Michael Eliason

St. Johns High School

Visual Arts Major



As a Marching Comet, I am able to experience more of the college life and activities. I am looking forward to being able to learn a new way of marching and getting to know everyone I meet.

Travis Garner

St. Johns High School

Undecided Major



I have made some great friends in just the short time I have been a Marching Comet. I hope to make many more as time goes on. My favorite Marching Comet memory is the first day of band camp when I bet everyone. Little did I know some of those people would turn out to be my closest friends. I’m excited to have the opportunity to become a better trombone player and marcher.

Aaron Goudie

Sterling Heights High School

Undecided Major



Nearly all the friends I have made in my first month at OC are either in the marching band, or a good friend of someone in the marching band. I’m excited for our marching show to be complete and perfect.

Paige Levitte

Petoskey High School

Psychology Major



Being in the band is a great way to get involved with student life because you are the center of attention during halftime, and you constantly show your school pride by playing the fight song. It is just so much fun to help the crowd cheer on the team.

Kristen Mullane

Goodrich High School

Exercise Science Major



As a Marching Comet, I am more involved with college events. The band is usually at big sporting events such as football and basketball games and other little gigs. I’m excited about making more progress, this band has so much potential and we can really only move forward.

Dan Rutter

Oak Harbor High School

Undecided Major



Being a Marching Comet helped me as an out-of-state student by introducing me to classmates and friends before classes even started.

Emma Schut

Cedar Springs High School

Accounting Major



A lot of the students come to Olivet College for sports so I think it’s really cool to be able to say that I am a part of the marching band because it’s something different. We do an activity that is unlike any other and the people on campus are supportive of us. I am excited to see what kind of progress I can make as an individual as well as see how we can become an even stronger entity across campus.

Abigale Smith

Lakewood High School

Business Administration, Management Concentration

Trumpet, Drum Major


My participation with the Marching Comets has enhanced my student life and college experience in so many ways. Being a Marching Comet has provided me with a second family and a home away from home. I’ve found an immense support group within this band, and I can’t imagine that I would’ve made it this far without this amazing group of people. Being a Marching Comet has given me the outlet to continue my music career and build upon my leadership skills.

Rich Elmer

Olivet High School

Computer Science Major



As part of the Marching Comets, I really get to grow with my instrument and technique. I learn self-discipline and determination. I am better at being self-aware, and on top of things! I love coming together with the band and playing the fight song.