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Traci Corey, Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) director and presidential spouse, was recently named to the ATHENA International board of directors. ATHENA International is a well-recognized, successful non-profit organization founded in Lansing, Michigan that seeks to support, develop and honor women leaders through programs that are administered in partnership with host organizations.

“I am humbly honored that this amazing organization values my skillset and feels that I can be of value in meeting its current and future goals,” Traci said. “Being considered, let alone selected to the ATHENA International board of directors, is truly an honor. I believe in the organization’s mission, vision and values because they align so closely with my own, as well as the Olivet College mission.”

In addition, ATHENA International is well known for the ATHENA Leadership model used around the world. This model is used by the Olivet College ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Institute and will be the foundation for the new Olivet College ATHENA International Girls’ Leadership Camp designed for girls in middle school and high school, as well as incoming freshmen.

The eight core principles of the model include:

  1. Live Authentically: Leaders know their values and remain true to them.
  2. Learn Constantly: Leaders seek knowledge.
  3. Build Relationships: Leaders engage, empower and trust.
  4. Foster Collaboration: Leaders welcome others to the work of leadership.
  5. Advocate Fiercely: Leaders champion what they believe is right.
  6. Act Courageously: Leaders dare.
  7. Give Back: Leaders serve.
  8. Celebrate: Leaders remember and rejoice.

“I feel a personal and deep connection to the eight core principles of enlightened leadership that Martha Mayhood Mertz, ATHENA International founder, outlined in her book, ‘Becoming ATHENA.’ Not only do these values resonate with me, but they have inspired me to connect with my authentic self and have given me the courage to advocate for myself and others on a much larger scale,” Traci emphasized. “I am so proud that the Olivet College Women’s Leadership Institute is a part of this amazing program and can’t wait to see where this collaboration will take both organizations.”

ATHENA International also welcomed four other board members: Ellen Sullivan, director of Jacksonville Women’s Business Center in Florida; Jeff Hay, partner at Womble Bond Dickinson law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina; Todd Popham, Popham and Associates, LLC of Millersville, Maryland; and Qing Meyerson, vice president of finance and administration of China and Hong Kong, Bristol Myers Squibb.

Register Now for the Olivet College ATHENA International Girls’ Leadership Camp

The Olivet College ATHENA International Girls’ Leadership Camp is Friday to Sunday, June 15-17 for middle school and high school girls from 6th to 12th grade and incoming Olivet College freshmen. This transformative three-day camp will build girls’ unique attributes and traits by focusing on confidence, communication and relationship skills. The camp aims to help you learn how to advocate for yourself and others, as well as find your courage to lead, build self-confidence, learn how to express yourself to lead positive change, and stand in your voice by discovering your true authentic self. These skills will be taught by “Ment- Hers” who have completed the Olivet College ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Program, under the direction of the WLI director and advisory council.

Registration is now open for the Olivet College ATHENA International Girls’ Leadership Camp.

If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Leadership Institute or how you can become a funder, email wli@olivetcollege.edu.