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How does a college student rate the importance of technology? Right there with breathing, eating and sleeping. With mobile devices becoming less of a luxury and more of an extension of the self, access to unlimited wireless and digital capabilities is more crucial than ever.

Olivet College is preparing students for a rapidly changing, technologically-enabled global economy and society by first addressing the need to provide access to technology everywhere on campus, at all times.

In the past year, Information Technology Services (ITS) worked tirelessly to advance resources and support for Olivet College students, faculty and staff. Wireless users can now immediately connect to a seamless, high-speed network extending to every residence hall, computer lab, faculty office and classroom without interruption. So when a high school student wants to Instagram his first visit to Olivet College, or a Gamma Iota Sigma member wants to Tweet about meeting a leading insurance executive in seminar, he or she can do so with ease.

In addition to a ubiquitous wireless network, students now have access to state-of-the-art resources, such as large digital screens and conferencing capabilities in the Roznowski Learning Commons, that allow small study groups to collaborate effortlessly. ITS is also now permanently housed in the learning commons, providing students a convenient location for tech support when needed.