Olivet College
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My experience at Olivet College was a roller coaster. Coming out of Cody High School in Detroit, Michigan, it was a culture shock. My first month I really didn’t speak to anyone other than my football teammates.

Eventually, I opened up and met some guys that related me to back home, and at the time, I was thinking about going back home and not coming back. Those young men were from the Greek society Alpha Phi Kappa, and those men reminded me of my friends and family back home and made me feel connected.

Later that year, I pledged and crossed over. Alumni brothers in the fraternity told me that, “pledging is the easy part.” I did not believe them at first, and then life experiences started to happen to me and I realized that those guys was right. The best part of pledging is being grounded to Olivet for years to come.

I decided to stop playing football to focus on my studies and got more involved on campus. It helped me figure out who I was and where I wanted to go in life. I join NAACP and BSU and held the position of president. During that journey I also became president of Alpha Phi Kappa, and my senior year I also was president of the Intersociety Council. These different accomplishments helped form me into the man I am today. Never being less than the best and always striving of excellence are the skills that I learned at OC. Those skills are everlasting.