Olivet College
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I was a small town girl so Olivet College was a great fit for me. I loved all of my classes except maybe freshman English. However, I was lead to become a writer and have had a number of articles published in national magazines.

I looked at a number of institutions and knew that large state universities were just too big for me. Olivet also made it POSSIBLE for me to go to college. My parents had very limited resources and a college education was something that wasn’t in the cards financially. But Olivet made is possible! I loved Olivet and expected to graduate in 1973. However, life changes when you least expect it! My fiance’ got accepted to Osteopathic medical school a year early – he’s what is referred to as a “three year wonder” – he got accepted to medical school without a bachelor’s degree which rarely happened then and NEVER happens now! We decided that he wasn’t going to Missouri without me and we got married 36 hours before medical school! I transferred as a senior to Northeast MIssouri State University (now Truman University) in Kirksville, Missouri, and finished my degree and my teaching credential. No regrets – we’ve been married 46 years and it all started when we met at the beginning of sophomore year at Olivet College. Olivet will ALWAYS have a very warm spot in both our hearts.

Some of my greatest gifts from Olivet are my husband and my dear roommate, Janet Adamski ’73, with whom I have stayed in touch over these many years. Bob and I live in Concord, California, very far from family and friends, but some relationships are simply meant to last a lifetime!