Olivet College
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Olivet was a very special place for me. I have made lasting friendships that thrive 20 years later. During my time at Olivet, many changes were occurring and the college was coming to terms with needing more diversity. This presented a very unique experience for students of color at that time. One of my proudest accomplishments while on campus was chartering Alpha Phi Kappa fraternity which would serve as a place for individuals of like mind and a strong desire for excellence to work together for scholastic success. As a student leader and activist, many of the skills I developed and honed have helped me in my community and launched my work as a strong change agent in American public schools.

The most important part of my experience was the people … not just students, but the people that worked at the College that supported students. It was a place where everyone knew everyone and had an investment in students being successful. Many times during my Olivet life, there was struggle and without help and support from key people, I would never have graduated and have had the experiences in life that I am most proud of. I hope that Olivet continues to employ the highest caliber of faculty and staff because it truly makes a difference in the lives of students. I learned a valuable life lesson and live by it to this day – to whom much is given much is required!