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Nikki Magie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Social Sciences; Archivist

Phone: 269-749-7177

Nikki Magie, Ph.D., associate professor of social sciences and Olivet College archivist, is a world historian. She’s also a world traveler, a professor, an archivist and a lifelong student. Dr. Magie’s love and passion for history sprouts from her will to learn about as many aspects of human life as possible. Her path has led her to learn and research topics like geography, migration and music while also getting lost in rabbit trails trying to better understand the historical roots of current events.

Dr. Magie teaches world history and various regional history courses at Olivet. She teaches not only from books and facts but also from her experiences. Dr. Magie, originally from Chicago, has followed her passion all over the world, traveling to and learning about other peoples and places (history, culture, geography), but also learning alongside her students. Conversant in both Spanish and Portuguese, Dr. Magie has studied in Mexico and engaged in Brazilian culture by living and researching in South America for seven months.

It’s the archivist in Dr. Magie that makes Olivet College home for her. She is encompassed by the diversity and traditions of Olivet, especially that the College has always included women and minorities in the quest for knowledge. Dr. Magie feels that the best atmospheres are created when people with different ideas and cultures are brought together. When you dig deeply in the local history here at Olivet College, Dr. Magie finds herself immersed in that exact situation time and time again.

Dr. Magie has three degrees in history, including her master’s from New Mexico State and doctorate from Michigan State University. She has also been awarded multiple fellowships to conduct research, as well teaching awards at her previous institutions. In the classroom, Dr. Magie strives to spark a growing interest in the diverse cultures, histories and geographies in our world. She mentors her students in professional engagement through her current roles as advisory board member for World History Commons, departmental editor for World History Connected, writer for World History Project and vice president of the Midwest World History Association. As the archivist, she seeks to be a proponent of the Olivet College Archives mission statement by making Olivet’s new Hosford a place of “vibrant learning of interaction and collaboration,” where students can take ownership of helping develop the new archives through community service and internships.

Dr. Magie’s office is located in the new Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archives, where she has the chance to research and learn together with students.

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