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Senior Brittany Matsumoto admits that the transition to college wasn’t easy. She knew a relationship-based college experience would help her reach her goals — but what were those goals? Now, Brittany has customized a unique path of study with a sociology and anthropology major and minors in gerontology and business administration. She hopes to become a social worker post-graduation, and the experiences she’s gaining while at Olivet College are propelling her toward success.

Hear more about Brittany’s journey firsthand:

I am from Bath, which is a very small town. I wanted to go to college where I would have the opportunity to make connections with my professors and peers in my classes. Olivet had the perfect small-town feel.

My future goal is to become a social worker, and I hope to work with youth or the geriatric population. To prepare for a successful career, I have been learning time management and prioritization skills. Those two things can be extremely hard, but possible with the right tools.

I am a part of the Black Student Union, the Gerontology Club and the President’s Leadership Institute. I wanted to be a part of these clubs and organizations because they have given me the opportunity to meet new people and make a difference in my community.

In addition to extracurricular activities, I had the opportunity to travel to South Dakota for an Intensive Learning Term trip with Professor Cynthia Noyes, J.D. I was very excited to experience a new place, and I was not disappointed. I got the opportunity to meet and talk to Native American students from the Oglala Lakota Tribe. I really connected with them and learned about their culture.

I have also had the opportunity to make connections with my professors and get to know them during my time at OC. One of the main reasons I wanted to come to a smaller college was to stand out; I knew I didn’t want to be just a number in the classroom. I’m so glad I have made connections with professors and peers on a personal level.

I would tell high school students to come into college strong and finish strong. Don’t be afraid of what may seem like a scary or intimidating opportunity because it could be the opportunity that changes your life.

Olivet College is a place you can call home, the close-knit group of staff and students really creates that family atmosphere, and it is something I could not imagine my college experience without.

The opportunities at Olivet have allowed me to explore my interests and have given me the tools and resources to achieve my goals. I came into college extremely unsure of myself and the goals I had, but since I have grown throughout my years at Olivet, I have changed tremendously. Now, I take opportunities and go for them, but a few years ago I would have passed upon those opportunities. I am very grateful for my time at Olivet College and the people I have met.

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