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Olivet College stands ready to assist Marygrove College students who may be exploring transfer options in light of last week’s announcement that the college’s undergraduate program will be suspended at the end of 2017.

Olivet College is committed to admitting any new students who have been admitted to Marygrove and all current students who are in good academic standing. Olivet College has also pledged to help students not be financially disadvantaged in their transfer by awarding them aid to the level such that their out-of-pocket costs for the remainder of their time at Olivet will be no different than at Marygrove.

Olivet College provides students an opportunity to have an immersive, residential, small college relationship-based experience. For 173 years, Olivet College has defined itself by who it includes, not who it excludes. Its student body is one of the most diverse among Michigan’s private colleges. Olivet College’s total student body population was 26 percent students of color in the fall of 2016. The entering fall 2017 student body population is 38 percent students of color.

Like Marygrove, Olivet College offers a strong liberal arts curriculum, with a focus on individual and social responsibility.

Marygrove College incoming freshmen or current students who would like to learn more about Olivet College or schedule a personal tour can contact Jim Weidman, director of admissions, at 269.275.6933 or jweidman@olivetcollege.edu.