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Olivet College is committed to providing programs and resources aimed at student success. This fall, a new program, the Multicultural and First Generation Male College Student Success Series, addresses the needs of self-identified multicultural and first-generation male students, an often overlooked and underrepresented group.

The Multicultural and First Generation Male College Student Success Series is a collaboration presented through the college’s Athletic Department, Student Resource Center and Multicultural Office with three main objectives. The first is to help the population of self-identified multicultural and first-generation male students develop positive educational and social tools to excel at Olivet College. The second is to host diverse leaders and speakers on campus, who address topics around the theme, “How to Excel in a Predominantly White College (PWC).” Lastly, the series aims to build a network of mentorship and support through connecting students with staff, faculty, and coaches who provide support and encouragement throughout the student’s academic journey.

The series welcomes all campus community members to its programs, and the first speaking event will take place Wednesday, Sept. 12, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Kirk Center’s Oak View Room. Dar Mayweather, who specializes in diversity and inclusion training, will serve as the speaker.

Mayweather is the founder of doingthegoodwork.com and Good Mayweather. His ultimate goal is to be a resource to businesses, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations and community leaders in the areas of inclusion, diversity education and leadership. Mayweather’s focus is to help his clients confidently engage in tough conversations around diversity and create business startup strategies. He encourages clients to openly question and challenge the status quo, which he believes is the best way to create positive change.

Mayweather has over 10 years of professional leadership experience in higher education, business, and diversity and inclusion training, and has been honored many times for his efforts. His work centers around developing formulas and systems to organize and actualize the good work of inclusion and business. He believes in fast tracking his client’s learning by utilizing research and lived experiences to develop actionable solutions.

Mayweather is a proud husband, father and first generation college student. He holds a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice and a Master of Science in education. He is also currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership and teaches leadership to undergraduate students at Eastern Michigan University.

“I know that everyone is a leader and I believe that leaders need to practice supporting people from different backgrounds, specifically underrepresented and/or minoritized backgrounds,” Mayweather said. “We all are different and come from different places. Everyone in the workforce needs to learn skills to engage and ultimately lead across difference. My calling on this earth is to train people to tap into their multicultural leadership capabilities.”

For more information about the Multicultural and First Generation Male College Student Success Series, contact Jason Meadows, interim dean of student life, at jmeadows@olivetcollege.edu or 269.749.7172.