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Olivet College is offering students in the Greater Michigan Area an opportunity to showcase their gospel talent at the second annual Gospel Talent Show on Saturday, Feb. 17 from 12 to 2 p.m. The Talent Show will be held at the Southside Community Center, 5825 Wise Rd., Lansing, and welcomes all individuals or groups ages 4-19 who either sing, dance, play an instrument, mime, dance or write poetry.

Presentations must not exceed five minutes and will be viewed by a judging panel. Three age categories will be judged: ages 4-8, 9-13 and 14-19. Individual or group winners in each age category will receive a first place prize of $500, second place prize of $250 and third place prize of $100. Online registration is open to all students interested, regardless of hometown. Both registration and the event are free.

In addition, students and families who attend the event will be able to learn about academic and scholarship opportunities available at Olivet College, including the Gospel Talent Scholarship.

“I love the Gospel Talent Show because it gives students an opportunity to share their talent on a stage in front of their friends, families and community, and then be awarded for it,” said La’Rae Trice, Olivet College gospel choir director. “Often, the gifts of local students are overshadowed, so Olivet is giving them a platform. We’ll also be sharing with families about an opportunity for the students to use their gifts at Olivet while receiving tuition assistance through a talent scholarship.”

For more information about the talent show, contact Trice at 269.986.4333 or ltrice@olivetcollege.edu.