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Dear Students,

In eight days it will officially be spring! That’s a reason to smile. And that’s a reason to head outdoors.

Good to know: If you and your friends are more than six-feet physically distanced while outside, you may remove your mask.

While physical distancing is still required, the warmer weather makes it much easier for us to enjoy time with friends. When outdoors, keep the following in mind to ensure the health and safety of you and others:

  • If you are outside by yourself, you are not required to wear your mask.
  • Always keep your mask at the ready when you’re outdoors so that you can quickly and easily mask up when you encounter others and are less than six-feet physically distanced.
  • If you and others are less than six-feet physically distanced when outdoors, you must all wear your masks, covering your mouth and nose.

Thank you for your continued kindness toward one another and for taking seriously the need to share in the responsibility to keep our OC family healthy and safe.

“Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.”Fred Bear