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Holt Public Schools and Olivet College are partnering to offer college credits to Holt High School students.

Participating students will complete specified courses at Holt High School; in turn, Olivet will provide college credit for the courses. These credits can be applied to the student’s transcript if he or she chooses to pursue an education at Olivet. There is no financial obligation to students who participate in this program.

“The goal of this collaboration is to strengthen and advance the culture of college-going behavior for Holt Public Schools’ seniors and to help them self-identify that a college education is attainable,” said Olivet College President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D. “We will accomplish this goal by bringing the college experience to them. What they get in return are college credits for many advanced placement or college-prep courses they will take.”

Corey added that Olivet College has a long history of serving students from Holt Public Schools and greater Lansing

“This is part of our ongoing effort to elevate and illuminate the academics in Holt Public Schools,” said Holt Superintendent Johnny A. Scott, Ph.D. “It is a value-added experience—students can earn college credit while in high school, while generating a post-high school tuition cost savings for families.

Corey and Scott officially signed a commitment Friday, Aug. 2 in the Boardroom of the Administrative Offices of Holt Public Schools.

For more information, contact Maria Davis, Ph.D., provost and dean of Olivet College, at 269.749.7643, or Scott at 517.694.0401.