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In order to secure Olivet College’s future in providing the best educational experience possible, the Responsible Learners – Responsible Leaders comprehensive campaign will fund several projects, including renovations to the 50-year-old Mott Academic Center.

As the primary learning facility on campus, the Mott Academic Center requires critical updates to ensure its place in providing a contemporary liberal arts education. Renovations to improve lab and classroom space, which have been ongoing for the past few years, will continue in order to enhance flexibility and technology, while the creation of additional social spaces will allow students to interact on a broader level.

In addition, the Barker Cawood Lounge, currently an underutilized space on the building’s main floor, will be transformed into a Starbucks coffee shop. When completed, this contemporary café will allow students to meet, study and engage naturally in a much more desirable environment.

Outside enhancements will completely modernize the building’s façade, creating an inviting point of entry for students and faculty. Remodeled doorways will open to an accessible entrance that meets new walkways, patios and seating areas, while fresh landscaping will add to the building’s outer beauty.

Olivet College values the educational interactions supported by small class sizes and inviting spaces that allow students to collaborate. Continued renovations and decisions about placement of academic programs, faculty offices and classrooms will intentionally reinforce the college’s commitment to the full breadth of a contemporary liberal arts education that prepares future leaders.

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