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Sophomore Griffon Rice is a biology major and criminal justice minor. She has enjoyed relationship-building both within her program and through extracurricular activities. The tight-knit community at Olivet College has allowed her to reach her professional and personal goals.

“I chose a biology major because I knew that was a large field that I could find an interest in. I declared my minor in criminal justice because I have been looking into more forensic sciences, and I’m hoping to do some work in forensic hematology,” Griffon said. “I am also currently in the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) and have loved every minute of it. I have learned so many things about professionalism and confidence that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.”

Griffon especially admires Jamilia Johnson, WLI recruiter and coordinator, and Traci Corey, founding WLI director. “Jamilia Johnson and Traci Corey have been amazing mentors and some of the best women I know to this date. They show their confidence by helping others and being positive. They are everything I aspire to be,” she said.

Hailing from Eaton Rapids, the College’s proximity to her hometown and scholarship opportunities have also benefited Griffon.

“Earning merit scholarships really helped me, along with the support from the Woman’s Leadership Institute. I met so many kind and positive people on my tour, and I knew Olivet was right for me,” Griffon added. “I want high school students to know that you don’t have to go to a large school to find what you want to do. Staying close to home and saving money is a smart idea. Plus, you can still get that college experience.”

In addition to her advice on finding the right college fit, Griffon wants high school students to know how powerful relationship-building can be. “I encourage students to come to Olivet because there is no other college like Olivet. I have never had any professors or teachers like the ones here. They truly want you to do well and are always there for you. I have learned to go above and beyond because hard work will truly pay off,” Griffon said.

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