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During my time at Olivet College, I majored in psychology and minored in social work. I was very involved with campus life as a student, serving as captain of the men’s lacrosse team and a member of the Clay Target Program. I also was president of Psych Club, vice president of Psi-Chi, a Global Citizen Honors Program scholar, a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and the student-athlete representative for the College on the Mental Health Task Force. I was pretty busy while studying at Olivet! One experience that I really enjoyed while at Olivet and put me on the path that I am currently pursuing was my practicum. During my practicum at Olivet, I was able to job shadow a school psychologist directly and work with students. This gave me key insight into the field of school psychology and really helped me fall in love with the field.

Currently, I am attending graduate school at Grand Valley State University where I am following my dream of studying school psychology. I have just started my program at Grand Valley, but I already have been able to do some preliminary screener testing for reading on actual students. This testing has made me fall even more in love with school psychology. Soon, I will start my placement where I regularly attend an elementary school every week and work with students. I am excited to continue this journey at Grand Valley and one day be a professional school psychologist.

The biggest reason why I loved Olivet was for its family atmosphere. In graduate school at a big university, I am not able to just walk into my professor’s office and discuss homework, my career plans or even just life like I was able to at Olivet. I loved being able to go to the Kirk Center with my sports team and just eat a meal together. Also, being involved with all of the groups on campus that I was a part of really brought a sense of community. All in all, Olivet really is what you make of it. I don’t think I would have been able to find that family atmosphere that Olivet has at a big school, or at least it would not have been the same.

So, my piece of advice for students coming to Olivet would be to get involved with different groups on campus, meet with and talk to your professors regularly, take in that family atmosphere that a small school has to offer and make Olivet College your home.