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What are the odds of being in the top 4 percent of actuarial science students vying for a competitive internship at Jackson National Life?

For Olivet College junior Jarred Scheese, pretty good.

Jarred is one of only six interns to join Jackson National Life’s actuarial department this summer. With a natural talent for math and a strong work ethic to boot, he’s ​optimistic he’ll find success.

Jarred isn’t a newbie to the internship world. In fact, he spent last summer working with Meadowbrook Insurance Group as an underwriter. “It’s a completely different department in insurance, and I’m looking forward to it. My experience this summer will be more in line with my career goals.”

Before selecting Olivet College, Jarred was also accepted into the University of Michigan. He ultimately chose Olivet for its small environment and great faculty.

“Being able to talk with any of my professors at any time is something I wouldn’t have gotten at a larger school,” said Jarred. “I get a lot of individualized attention here. My first semester on campus, my advisor walked me through the actuarial science program and everything I needed to do in order to get a job in this field. She has a real passion for teaching. Regardless of when it is or what I need help with, I can email her and she will get back to me. She meets with me often and gives me insight into whatever questions I may have.”

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