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Growing up in the Olivet and Charlotte area, you could call me a townie, and I’ve eaten my fair share of Tim’s Pizza. Being familiar with the area and having rocked Olivet College swag since before I could walk, campus always felt like home. Multiple family members of mine are proud and successful alumni of Olivet College who I have always looked up to.

However, I ultimately chose Olivet College because of the small classroom size and low student-to-teacher ratio. I grew to know my professors, and I wasn’t just a number in a lecture hall. This was extremely important to me when it came to my education, and having strong relationships with my professors helped to shape me as a successful business student and gave me the personal guidance to feel confident in my field. Their recommendations were sincere, and I felt that my professors were truly proud of my accomplishments.

I currently work for Hard Rock Cincinnati Casino as an executive casino host in the marketing department, and I could not be happier with the field I chose to specialize in at Olivet College! I am responsible for identifying, developing and retaining premium VIP players, with a strong emphasis on player development, and I also help to plan and coordinate special events and promotions to attract new business to our casino. I fell in love with the upbeat and vibrant marketing strategies the gaming industry utilizes. I can honestly say I would not be as accomplished as I am today without my time spent at Olivet College and the one-on-one guidance I received. I work with the top of the top now, including NFL players, music artists and prominent businesspeople, and the connections I have developed are exclusive. Olivet College gave me the technical skills I needed to succeed.

As an alumna, I want today’s students to know that they shouldn’t wait for college experiences to happen — make the most out of your time! Student life is thriving with so many different opportunities on campus to become a part of the college community. I participated in the Psychology and Marketing Clubs, and I now specialize in relationship marketing. If there is anything that I have learned in my college experience and now marketing career, it is that business relationships matter! As an Olivet College graduate, I was destined for success.