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OC Athletics Identity Refresh

Once a Comet, always a Comet…but it’s time for a change!

The Comet has been Olivet College’s official nickname since 1932. A lot has changed at OC in those 85 years. One of the many constants during this time of growth and change is our beloved mascot the Comet. It has been and remains a symbol of strength, action and stability.

But, maybe, just maybe, its time for a refresh for our beloved mascot.

After informal conversations and discussions with students, alumni, faculty and staff we have reached a decision…the time is now for a change. It’s time to provide an updated identity to Olivet College Athletics that speaks to OC’s school spirit and connects with today’s athletes, students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends.

Today, we are announcing the beginning of a journey with OC Nation to redefine and reposition the Olivet College Athletics and Comet identity. Be part of OC history!

Before we get started, we do want to answer a few very important questions.

  • Will Olivet College remain the Comets?  YES
  • Will our colors still be red and white?  YES
  • Will “Clyde” be the mascot name of the Comet?  MAYBE. The name Clyde, the physical (costume) and graphic representation (illustration) of the Comet along with the typography for OC Athletics are all items that could be updated during this process.