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Senior Jordyn Osterland is preparing for a career in the medical field. While many students choose a biology major as a basis for their pre-medical studies, Jordyn felt compelled to go a different route and is studying chemistry.

“I became interested in the medical field when my grandpa was struggling with health issues while I was in the seventh grade,” Jordyn said. “He was in and out of the hospital, and through that experience I saw the potential of being able to help people with a career in the medical field.

“I’m interested in pursing a doctor of medicine degree or a Ph.D. in cancer research. I’m also interested in forensic pathology, emergency medicine or becoming an OB-GYN. It was my interest in forensic pathology that inspired me to choose chemistry over biology for my undergraduate studies.”

Jordyn’s on the path to making her dreams come true. She has especially enjoyed building close relationships with her professors.

“I love my professors, especially my adviser, Susanne Lewis, Ph.D., professor of chemistry and chair of the Natural and Physical Sciences Department,” Jordyn said. “I really got to know her through my organic chemistry course. I feel like I can go to her for anything, even non-school related things. She’s very mom-like, and I even have her cell phone number.”

Jordyn’s growing a list of standout academic experiences. Some of her favorite experiences were centered around cell biology, a class that honed in on cancer research, how treatment drugs target cells and the diseases themselves. Jordyn also gained valuable lab techniques working hands-on with live bacteria in a microbiology lab. To top it off, she recently completed an exclusive cancer research experience at Purdue University.

“During lab work, my professors are always there to help, but they also allow you to be independent,” Jordyn explained. “This is very beneficial because you get the guidance you need, but you also feel prepared to work alone in your career.”

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