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Jenna Edwards graduated from Olivet College this spring with a degree in exercise science. This fall, she will pursue her master’s in exercise physiology at Western Michigan University.

While earning her master’s , Jenna wants to continue working as a wellness instructor at AL!VE of Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital in Charlotte.

“Once I complete my Master’s I will then explore my options of a higher position based on what is available and need,” she said. “I also want to successfully complete my Graduate Assitantship at WMU and help professors and students in any way I can.”

After earning her master’s, she is considering a career as an exercise physiologist in cardiac rehabilitation for both in-patient and out-patient settings, as well as working with all populations using exercise and wellness as preventative medicine and health maintenance.

“I also desire to become a college professor at some point in the future,” added Jenna.