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Griffin Hammond is a junior from Lapeer studying business administration with a concentration in management. With dreams to play college soccer and an appreciation for relationship-based education, Griffin found it easy to choose to attend Olivet College. He also represents the men’s soccer team on the Student-Athlete Advisory Council and is a member of the President’s Leadership Institute (PLI).

My relationship with my coaches and professors is something that I really enjoy, as I feel I could go to any of them at any time for advice on anything. One of my professors happens to be from Lapeer, so that really built a deep connection between us.

I really enjoy partaking in some of the activities the college plans throughout the year, including Midnight Breakfast, game nights and intramural sports. Activities like these help students build friendships and meet people you might not get to otherwise.

A big future goal of mine is to own my own business or own one with fellow friends that have similar interests. Taking as many business courses and being in PLI is helping me prepare to lead and understand what it would take to complete such a goal.

I always say my favorite part of Olivet College and one of the key factors driving me to be here is the feeling of family and home. Knowing everyone around campus and knowing your professors cannot be beaten.

I want high school students to know they shouldn’t be afraid to step out of their comfort zone, like leaving your hometown to go to college or joining a club or Greek society. The more you are willing to branch out, the better experiences you will have.

Photo by Steve Frommell, d3photography.com

I am glad I chose to be a Comet because I have honestly met some of my best friends here, and I know those friendships will last for many years after college. I do not think I would change anything about my college journey so far because it has been some of the best times of my life.

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