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With the expansion and success of OC Athletics, the time is right to refresh the identity of Olivet College Athletics and to move to a non-gendered mascot name and costume that speaks to what the Comets represent today. After weeks of voting by students, alumni and faculty and staff, followed by deliberation by the Mascot Committee, two final options have been selected for your consideration.

Vote now through Sunday, April 16 to share your opinion on what you think the mascot costume should resemble and what its new name should be!

1. A modern, updated version of the current OC mascot costume: It’s faster, stronger and tougher than ever!

What should its name be?
A. Flash
B. Captain Comet

2. An energetic and lovable leader: It loves cheering on our student-athletes, taking pictures with fans, making you laugh and high-fiving future Comets!

What should its name be?
A. Big Red
B. Ollie

Stay tuned for April 19 when the new OC Athletics mascot identity and name is revealed! And we’ll definitely let you know when the new mascot costume is unveiled to OC Nation this fall – you’re going to want to be there!

*Note: Mascot costume sketches and examples are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to serve as inspiration for your selection. No final decisions have been made concerning the OC Athletics Identity Refresh items.