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Women’s Leadership Institute

Since 1844, Olivet College has been about who it includes rather than excludes. From the start, an Olivet education has been accessible to all, regardless of color, gender or socio-economic status. In addition, Olivet College has been empowering and inspiring women to achieve their dreams since its founding. In fact, the college’s first graduating class in 1863 consisted of three women: Sophia Keyes, Mary Barber and Sara Benedict.

While strides have been made, one of the biggest issues facing women today is equality in the work force. Just 24 companies on the S&P 500 are led by female CEO’s, down 25 percent since 2017. We must give our young women strong examples of leadership and the opportunity to explore and discover their leadership potential.

The Olivet College Women’s Leadership Institute (OCWLI) was established for this very reason, to advance our long-standing commitment to education, and helping women find their voice through education. All OCWLI programming is open and welcome to participants of all genders, gender identities and gender nonconforming identities. The goal of the institute is to provide comprehensive leadership development that assists participants in recognizing, claiming, and activating their unique strengths, attributes, and abilities – preparing them to enter the workforce as the leaders of tomorrow.

Professional mentors play an extraordinary role in the lives of participants by demonstrating that they are not only capable of performing in many different roles, but can thrive in Fortune 500 Companies and industries like science, medicine and business. The OCWLI is committed to helping students realize their leadership potential, so they can be the sphere of influence for their peers, families and communities.


What makes our Institute unique

The Olivet College model is the only continuum program of its kind in the nation, spanning across all OCWLI programming and inspiring all participants, from middle school through college students, to achieve their goals.

Become a Partner

Learn how you can become a part of our unique relationship-based leadership development opportunities:

  1. Keyes-Barber-Benedict (KBB) Scholars Program
  2. OC ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Program
  3. The Olivet College Cultivating Women Leaders Speaker Series

We can only provide this unique, life-changing program through generous funding. Please be our partner in providing these vital tools to young women to build strong leadership for tomorrow.

To learn more, email WLI@olivetcollege.edu.