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OC Compact

Under Olivet College’s academic vision, Education for Individual and Social Responsibility, the college is as dedicated today as we were at our founding to offering an education to all, regardless of race, gender or financial means. The Olivet College Compact further defines this premise.

A series of seven principles, The Compact serves to promote and encourage responsibility among the college’s students, faculty, staff and board of trustees. Faculty use the Compact in syllabi, students use it as a guidepost in their co-curricular activities, coaches use it with their athletic teams and the college uses it in the employee and student handbooks. As a testament to the document’s value, the college’s trustees use The Compact in their work as stewards of the college.



Olivet College is founded on and devoted to student learning, growth and development. The college values diversity within a community built on trust, participation and a sense of pride. As a member of this community, I affirm the following commitments:

I am responsible for my own learning and personal development.
We recognize the critical importance of taking ownership for our learning. We seek to learn from the full range of our experience, to be open to new experiences and new ideas and to continuously pursue excellence and fulfillment in our intellectual, social and spiritual pursuits.

I am responsible for contributing to the learning of others.
Every learner benefits when each shares ideas, insights and experiences with others. We value differences of opinion and perspective as well as open, respectful dialogue about these differences as central to the ongoing learning process.

I am responsible for service to Olivet College and the larger community.
People working together for the common good is a key to growth for both the individual and the community. We commit ourselves to participating in community service and volunteer activities, both on and off campus.

I am responsible for contributing to the quality of the physical environment.
Enhancing environmental quality is critical to the college, the community and ultimately to the survival of our planet. We will act to maintain and improve our facilities and grounds, to enhance the safety, the security and the appearance of our surroundings and to protect the ecology of our larger community.

I am responsible for treating all people with respect.
We aim to create a positive and inclusive campus culture celebrating both the individual and cultural differences which make each of us unique and the similarities which bond us together. We recognize the need to seek to understand others as the first step to developing mutual understanding, caring and respect.

I am responsible for behaving and communicating with honesty and integrity.
We build trust when we communicate openly, when we seek justice and fairness for all people, regardless of role or position, and when we honor our values and commitments in our private as well as our public behavior.

I am responsible for the development and growth of Olivet College.
We reach outward and seek to inform, involve and recruit new students, employees and friends who share the vision and principles of Olivet College.

In joining this community, I commit myself to these principles and accept the obligation entrusted to me to foster a culture of responsibility at Olivet College.