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Dear Students and Families,

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Olivet College has been faced with making decisions, many of which are unlike any others in its 176-year history. Thank you for your patience and understanding as the College carefully considered the room and board adjustment. We recognize the pandemic has created anxiety and uncertainty for each of you.

The room and board adjustment outlined below was carefully formulated to provide a fair and equitable adjustment for the unused portion of the room and board fee paid by students due to the interruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The details are below.

Room and Board Adjustment

  • Residential students who remained enrolled and moved out of College-owned housing and/or discontinued a meal plan in response to the College’s migration to remote learning are eligible for a room and board adjustment.
  • Eligible students will receive a room and board credit for the 39 days of remote learning this semester.
  • Credits will be posted to individual student accounts over the course of the next two weeks.
  • Credits will be applied first to any outstanding balance for the current academic year. For students on a payment plan, this will reduce the amount of the final installment payment.
  • Students who have a positive/credit balance remaining on their account will receive a refund. To receive your refund, do one of the following three things:
  1. Sign up for eRefund at my.olivetcollege.edu under the “student” tab, if you have not already done so. If you have signed up for eRefund by May 15, your refund will be direct-deposited into your bank account by May 30. If you need instructions on how to sign up for eRefund, contact Shawn Hagadon, student account specialist, at shagadon@olivetcollege.edu.
  2. Ask that your refund remains on your account to serve as a credit for next year by emailing Shawn Hagadon, student account specialist, at shagadon@olivetcollege.edu to let her know.
  3. Do neither of the above and a check will be mailed to your permanent address by June 15.

 Calculation Methodology

  • Students will receive an adjustment for room and board from March 18 through April 25. This 39-day timeframe includes the first day of remote learning through the completion of final exams.
  • The methodology for calculating the adjustment amount is a combination of room charge and meal plan charge, adjusted for the discount already provided by financial aid.
  • Adjustments will be rounded to the nearest $5.

 Amount of Adjustment

Adjustments are based on the type of residential living option and meal plan combination. Find your combination in the table below to determine your account adjustment amount. 

Meal Plan Shipherd Dole Blair Gillette Oakhill Long College-Owned Greek Houses Non-College Owned House or Commuter Students
Carte Blanche $760 $760 $760 $915 $915 $915 $760 $370
100 On the Run $525 $525 $525 $685 $685 $685 $525 $135

Olivet College prides itself on a relationship-based experience and its commitment to student success. In keeping with our mission, we do all we can to make college affordable to all. It is our hope that the room and board adjustment will help to alleviate some of the stress that may burden you during this challenging time.

I encourage you to continue to be kind and patient with one another. Stay connected with your OC family, stay strong and stay safe. All of us at Olivet College continue to have you in our hearts and minds.