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Each year, the College celebrates the academic achievements of students with a number of awards at Honors Convocation. This year, students and faculty members gathered via Zoom to present awards and mark the occasion. Here is an overview of the awards presented to the Greek societies at OC.

Michael Fales Greek Service Cup Award

Honorees:  Alpha Lambda Epsilon, Soronian, Sigma Beta and Adelphic Alpha Pi.

The Michael Fales Greek Service Cup Award is annually presented to the Greek societies with the most community service hours and who demonstrate a commitment to their surrounding community and others above themselves. For this year’s Greek Service Cup Award, we want to recognize all the Greek organizations for their commitment to service and to giving back to the community with clothing drives, food collection campaigns, teddy bears for kids, volunteering at Charlotte Frontier Days, Pawsibilities hours and much more. Additionally, the Greek community recognizes the societies of Alpha Lambda Epsilon, Soronian, Sigma Beta and Adelphic Alpha Pi this year for taking the lead to collaboratively host the Michael and Judy Fales appreciation dinner in January. This was an event that brought out the entire Olivet College community, as well as many alumni, to say thank you to the Fales’ for their continuous support and commitment to Olivet College and the Greek student experience. Each of these societies also participated in the 2019 CROP Walk and the 2020 Greek Service Trip to Port Austin where students worked on community projects including the historical center, community center, the lighthouse project, a veteran’s center and other local schools in the area.

Greek Society Academic Achievement Awards

Honorees:  Alpha Lamdba Epsilon, Sigma Beta, and Soronian.

The Greek Society Academic Achievement Award is annually presented to a society or societies whose members maintain high academic standards resulting in an overall  house GPA of 3.0 or greater. This year’s Greek Society Academic Award is given to Alpha Lamdba Epsilon, Sigma Beta and Soronian. Thank you to these societies for living out their values every day and for prioritizing academic success for their members.

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